Café de la Pensée –the Café of Thought – is a forum for aspiring culture-makers. Our goal is to promote the democratization of the culture-making process and to act as a catalyst of cultural transformation. Talented people face many obstacles to gain recognition. At Café de la Pensée, no one stands between your work and the public at large. You post your work, anyone can rate it, and the visibility of your work on Café de la Pensée will depend on the combined ratings of people. In other words, the editorial board of Café de la Pensée is the public at large.

We invite you to express thoughts or commentaries on any issue, propose a new idea, challenge a pre-existing idea, display your artist creativity, and post your creative work (in any language of your choosing) on any of the following topics: Politics (P), Business (B), Lifestyle (L), Science (S), The Humanities (Arts & Culture) (H); we call these ,PBLSH. We will let the audience rate how much your contributions matter. In essence, we want you to enrich our culture with your thoughts.

So come PBLSH with us and participate in democratizing and enriching our culture!

Here is how this works in more details

The Café de la Pensée Team